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If you are experiencing constant Internet problems with your current provider, contact us. We have many years of experience connecting houses. We set your home wireless network to finally work. We offer unlimited high-speed Internet for your home. We connect you via wifi or fiber. Our connectivity brings you the best Internet in Prague. Installation is free. And your monthly fee also includes nonstop technical support and our technician will arrive when needed.

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How the home wireless network works

  • Antenna - Either we use an existing antenna mast or a mast of a common TV antenna, or we can install our own equipment on the roof.
  • Distribution - We lead the cable through available routes to your apartment, where we end it with a wifi router.
  • Wifi router - We set up a wifi network in your home so you can use the Internet immediately. Router is included in the fee.
  • Second router - If necessary, we use an amplifier for better signal propagation. With the arrival of 6th generation wifi, network reliability and throughput will improve in a location where a large number of routers can interfere with each other.

It’s easy as pie with us

Unlimited Internet

Download, watch video, listen to music, make the most of the Internet. There’s no limit with our deals.

Technical support 24/7

Your urgent requests are handled by nonstop support and technicians arrive if needed.

Zero initial costs

Installation is free. You only pay the monthly fee. No additional costs.

Individual price by address

Thanks to our dense network of transmitters we offer special prices at many addresses. Get 300 Mbits for a unbeatable price.

Get FREE Internet connection

  • Does the roof of your house exceed the other houses in the area? Is there a good view from your roof into the area up to about 1 km in at least 180°? Is it easy to climb your roof?
  • Offer us space where we place an access point (wifi transmitter) with power up to 25 W. These are 6 antennas each 15 cm high. We’ll either use an existing TV mast or use our own. We monitor electricity consumption with secondary meters and cover the costs of operation. So there are no additional costs for wifi transmitter for you.
  • In return, we’ll provide you with free high-speed Internet for households in the highest deal! We can also agree on other benefits for you.

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  • Visit of our technician
  • Installation including equipment and cables
  • Setting your end device
  • Service activation
  • Technical support (phone and technician’s arrival if needed)

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