Broadband for houses

If you are constantly trying to resolve problems with your broadband connectivity, get in touch. We have extensive experience of providing family homes with broadband which will ensure your internet will finally run smoothly. We will set up your home wireless network in a way that really works. We offer unlimited high-speed broadband for your family home.

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Symmetrical FIBER tariffs

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Our network covers 98% of Prague.

Thanks to your keen interest and cooperation, Fibre tariffs are becoming more and more mainstream and landing near and far within Prague. We have you to thank for that! However, we still have more work to do.

In locations where you will still have to wait for Fibre connection, we offer our standard, tried and tested offer.

We promise to do everything to keep you satisfied.

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How the home wireless network works

  • Antenna - Either we use an existing antenna mast or a mast of a common TV antenna, or we can install our own equipment on the roof.
  • Distribution - We lead the cable through available routes to your apartment, where we end it with a wifi router.
  • Wifi router - We set up a wifi network in your home so you can use the Internet immediately. Router is included in the fee.
  • Second router - If necessary, we use an amplifier for better signal propagation. With the arrival of 6th generation wifi, network reliability and throughput will improve in a location where a large number of routers can interfere with each other.

As easy as Sunday morning

No restrictions

You download as much as you need. We do not block your usage. Do you need something extra? Get in touch, let’s talk.

24/7 unlimited technical support

If a problem occurs, we will fix it as soon as possible.

Zero upfront costs

Installation is free, there are no hidden costs from us.

Priced individually by location

We will be happy to discuss an individual price offer that suits your needs.

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