Internet for office buildings

We bring a super fast Internet connection into your building, which handles a large number of end users with no problems and means a stable and reliable Internet connection. If the building isn’t networked yet, we’ll connect you and prepare connections for each office. Get other services such as VOIP voice services or CCTV together with high-speed Internet.

Installation from us is free. 
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How does the network in office buildings work

    • Antenna - We install a wireless communication link on the roof to deliver the Internet to all office units.
    • Distribution - We lead the cable through available routes to the units.
    • Connection - We bring the data or fiber optic cable to the offices.
    • Smart switch - We install a hub device to wire all devices in the office network.
    • Wifi router - A router can connect all devices wirelessly. We provide a secure local wifi network covering all spaces.

You can rely on us

High-speed Internet

Use up to 4 Gbit/s transfer speed.

Zero initial costs

Zero or minimum input costs to set up the network.

The cheapest Internet

Office space users get an unrivaled price offer of Internet connection.

No digging & demolishing

 Installation is carried out with minimal interference in the property.

Services you get

  • High-speed Internet
  • IPTV (Internet television)
  • VOIP (voice services)
  • Wifi coverage
  • CCTV
  • Security system
  • Remote meters reading & management

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