Internet TV (IPTV) brings many benefits

Choose from several packages which bring up to 104 programs. Watch TV on 4 devices at the same time. Each family member can watch a different program. Internet TV is suitable for deals from 20 Mb/s - minimum speed for trouble-free viewing.

Choose the option that suits you better

Kuki TV

Kuki Internet TV supports hundreds of different devices. You can set the programme offer yourself. Czech or foreign films, comedies or horrors, there’s something for everybody in Kuki. You can watch everything back (up to 7 days), and even on your mobile phone or computer.


Sledovani.TV offers up to 140 TV channels, including over 90 channels in HD or Full HD. Choose of several TV packages: kids, documentary, sports, film, etc. TV archive available for 168 hours.

Apps for Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Hisense, Android TV, Apple TV, web, mobile and chromecast. The whole family can watch on up to 4 devices under a single deal.