Internet for developers and property managers

We connect development projects with a line in Gb speed with the deals up to 500/500 Mb. We offer you participation in data distribution realization. Get high-speed Internet for your home and related services including CCTV and security system and raise the value of your property.

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What data distribution looks like

  • Wireless communication link - We attach a dish up to 60 cm to our own mast or use the TV mast.
  • Backbone cabling - We run it through the shaft and connect the individual floors.
  • Units - We connect individual residential or non-residential units.
  • Wireless network - A wifi router distributes the signal within the flat.
  • 230V Power supply - The system is connected to a central hub in a box or rack.
  • CCTV - We provide you with free cameras if you are interested.
  • Entry system - We set up an electrical chip system for more convenient and secure access.

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High-speed Internet

Use up to 1 Gbit/s transfer speed.

Zero initial costs

Zero or minimum input costs to set up the network.

The cheapest Internet

Don’t compare prices anymore thanks to the individual offer.

Services you get

  • High-speed Internet
  • IPTV (Internet television)
  • VOIP (voice services)
  • Wifi coverage
  • CCTV
  • Security system
  • Remote meters reading & management

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