Public IP address

A public IP address allows you unique identification and access to your device from anywhere in the world. Then there is no problem connecting to your network drive or smart home system from abroad and controlling a CCTV or heating system as if you were at home. Read an article how to set up and control your computer remotely.

  • In order to connect remotely to your home/business VPN network, you need a public IP address, which is used to identify and locate individual devices within the Internet network.
  • You get a public IP address from us for FREE if you have a company guaranteed connection service or you spend at least 590 CZK per month for our services. Otherwise, the service costs 100 CZK per month.
  • However for a normal user activity on the Internet a private address is sufficient. If you want to use the Internet in more advanced ways, a public IP address allows you to easily connect to your computer at home or in the office when travelling and download documents which you forgot to print before you left.

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