Internet for Community of Apartment Owners

You aren’t satisfied with your current Internet provider at your address? Is the quality or price unsatisfactory? Always with a special offer for residential and non-residential units in your house, we realize an Internet connection with Fiber deals up to 300/300 Mb/s. Thanks to modern transmission network our Internet has little aggregation, ie. low peak speed drop. The complete realization of the connection in the building is usually with little or no investment on your part, depending on the difficulty of realization. We offer Internet TV service (IPTV). You don’t need to deal with new STBoxes in the transition to DVB T2 terrestrial digital broadcast.

We’ll inspect your building for free and prepare a special offer for you.
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How does the home wireless network work

  • Antenna - We install a wireless communication link with the possibility of transmission up to 1 Gb, which can serve a building with up to 200 apartments.
  • Distribution - We lead the cable through available routes to your apartment.
  • Connection - We bring the Internet to your home.
  • Wifi router - We set up a wifi network in your home so you can use the Internet immediately. Router is included in the fee.
  • Second router - If necessary, we use an amplifier for better signal propagation. With the arrival of 6th generation wifi, network reliability and throughput will improve in a location where a large number of routers can interfere with each other.

Have you got a network at your house?

If we can use existing data networks for installation, we offer high-speed Internet for as little as 200 CZK per month! Multiple providers can seamlessly use data distribution, and competition brings lower prices to you as a customer.

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Is there no network at your house?

We’ll design the most suitable house data distribution with throughput up to 1 Gb/s. We’ll prepare the final bespoke price offer for you.
We’ll contact you within 2 days.

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How the installation works

  • Order - We respond promptly to your question or inquiry.
  • Technician’s visit - We’ll come to personally evaluate the availability and condition of the building.
  • Requirements negotiation - We’ll design a solution for realizing the data network according to your needs.
  • Bespoke offer - We’ll prepare a quote which will reflect the individual solution in your building.
  • Signing the contract - The framework contract defines the location of technology and the provision of services in the building.
  • Realization - Within 2 weeks, we’ll realize the Internet network in the building and connect individual apartments.

You can rely on us

High-speed internet

Rely on speeds up to 300/300 Mb/s

Zero initial costs

No or minimal investment by the owner

Fixed price guarantee

Households get an unbeatable price for Internet connection

Cutting-edge equipment

We use the latest transmission technologies for stable Internet

Services you get

  • Technical support 24/7
  • Quick start and realization
  • Individual price by location and condition
  • Personal contact throughout the cooperation
  • Quick addressing owner’s requirements
  • Free connectivity rental: front door wifi cameras, entrance system, PC, ...

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