Fiber internet

We rely on state-of-the-art data transmission technology - optical networks - for the provision of services and for the construction and operation of our distribution network. We use them both for interconnection of transmission sites as well as for connection of end users, such as residential complexes or companies.

Optical networks allow high data transmission in tens or hundreds of Gb. They are reliable, trouble-free and long-lasting. The fiber optic cable is actually a flexible glass fiber with no electrical current. voltage, but light. Data thus spread at the speed of light.

Fiber networks have significantly lower transmission delays. You’ll appreciate this advantage especially when you use web conferencing, stream high-definition videos, work in cloud applications, share large files, or use voice services (VOIP).
Our optical networks are available mainly in large apartment buildings or blocks of flats.

Fiber internet

Choose deals for households with speeds up to 500/500 Mb/s with minimum aggregation. We use the latest wireless and optical technology for maximum quality. You get a top-class wifi router with your Fiber deal. This can transmit in two bands 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz and achieves Gb/s transmission through the cable

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