Internet installation


We often install the receiving antenna on the roof of your house so that it has direct visibility to the nearest transmitter. How it works: We often use a mast or chimney boom to anchor the antenna. From the receiving antenna, we will then bring the cable to your flat/office, where it connects to a wifi router creating a home wifi network.
If our reception antenna is already installed in your house and your neighbours already use our broadband, everything is much easier. We use 5GHz technology for home broadband connection and the receiving antenna is max 35 cm in diameter. In 90% of cases we use smaller antennas, only 14cm in diameter. The power supply of the receiving antenna is most often 24V directly over the data cable from the connection point.


If you check the availability for fiber on our website and a deal is available to you, you are lucky. Most likely the cable has already been brought to your flat/home. This can be in the form of an existing socket, or so-called preparation.
If the cable isn’t yet installed in your flat/home, don’t worry. We’ve already placed a hub in the building and can bring the cable to your flat directly through existing installation routes. Our technician carries out the complete implementation on site free of charge. Finally, they will plug the cable into the wifi router and you’ll be able to enjoy home wifi network on several devices at the same time.

Signing the contract

After successful setup and connection, it’s time to get official and sign a user agreement with General Terms & Conditions. See the sample on our website. This will be done by the technician after the installation itself. The contract is a fix term 12 months.