How I upgraded my career

From installations to project management

I’ve always been interested in technologies and my interest has reflected in my work. Career growth came almost spontaneously. I started as a Technician and in a few months I was promoted to a Service Technician. My previous work experience at a company similar to Airwaynet helped me a lot. I’ve worked as a Senior Project Manager since 2014.

I don't like stereotype and I love challenges. “Corporate wifi controller? Yes, we can do it. Linux servers? Sure, we do them. A solar power plant design? Of course, we will do it. Taking over a network of 800 apartments? No problem, we’ll take care of it. A competitive network acquisition? We've managed to do that too.” I don't often know what the next day will bring. I’m constantly discovering new technologies and processes. I sometimes deal with things I don’t have a clear template or instructions for, and I have to come up with a solution.

Satisfied customers are the key

I’ve noticed from the beginning that customers perceive Airwaynet positively. They’re satisfied with our technical support and our approach to them. They can rely on our advice or us not leaving their home until the wifi network runs smoothly. Many people are unnecessarily paying for 500 Mbit Internet because of ads. We ask new customers what they use the Internet for and suggest a solution that is sufficient and cost-effective. That's how I imagine a fair approach.

There will always be something to improve. But when I look back, the path we have taken in Airwaynet - it's a great deal of work and progress. From the very beginning, we’ve concentrated on supplying high-capacity MW joints from a single manufacturer, which has proven to be the best solution for the future despite the relatively high purchase price. Likewise, we’ve got routers or connections in the 5 GHz bands from a single supplier. There are more than 10 000 pieces of quality equipment from one proven manufacturer in our network.

We’re friends with our boss

At Airwaynet there’s friendly and open atmosphere. We’ve a barbecue occasionally here or we all go for dinner. In the summer, we regularly go to teambuilding to the countryside or wine cellar. We organize our own in-house trainings or take part in seminars and workshops at external trainers.

We get many benefits. We get to use Multisport card, sick days and free Internet connection at home, which is convenient. But I really appreciate the opportunity to talk about and agree on various things. We aren’t a corporation with strict and rigid conditions.