About Cookies

"Cookies" are small data files used as unique identifiers. Each cookie is unique to your web browser. A cookie contains anonymous information and is sent from the server of the website you are viewing to your computer or mobile phone. It will be stored on your device and only this server will be able to find or retrieve the contents of this cookie. The cookies sent can be sent back to the website servers with updated data as you browse the website. The vast majority of websites use cookies for their activities.

How we use cookies

We use cookies to improve your user experience by allowing websites to identify your computer either for the duration of your visit (using Session Cookies) or for repeated visits (using Persistent Cookies). The cookies we use may:

  • be absolutely necessary to move around our websites or to provide some basic features; or
  • improve the functionality of our website, for example by saving your preferences. They record your choices (such as your username or your chosen language) and allow us to provide a personalized experience; or
  • help us improve the performance of our website to offer you a better user experience. The information provided by these cookies is anonymous and helps us understand how our visitors use our website to improve the presentation of our content. These services are generally provided by independent measurement and research companies, so these cookies may be Third-party Cookies.

If we didn’t use cookies, our website would consider you a new visitor every time you get to a new page on our website.

We need to use cookies to maintain the effectiveness of our website and provide you with a user-friendly experience. Therefore, you cannot block cookies separately and by continuing to browse our website and using our online services, you agree that we may place these cookies on your device.

Airwaynet respects the privacy of visitors to the websites and minimizes the use of cookies for the following purposes only:

  • monitoring and website / individual sites traffic analysis (Performance Cookies - Help identify how many users visit our site - how many of them are one-time visitors, how many of them visit repeatedly, and how they behave on our site - what they prefer, what they are interested in more, what less, in what order they visit the website and how visitors manage to find the information they need, and from what cities, regions, or countries the visitors come from, but only anonymous information is collected, showing only aggregated traffic numbers, usual times, or city names. User identification information is not collected)

Important: We never download or track personal and sensitive data with cookies. None of the cookies created by us leads to individual identification of the user / reader, the collected data is anonymous.